Taxi transfer in Hungary

Book a private transfer from airport in Hungary or from hotel to airport in Hungary, the online taxi booking service will help.
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Best price Transfer from airport in Hungary on pre-booking

Order a transfer in Hungary on our website without difficulty and at the most affordable price, and you don't have to think about how to get to the hotel comfortably. Using the UniTaxi service, you can order a transfer to any city in the country very simply and very quickly - you just need to choose a route and specify a few parameters, and we will select a convenient car for you at a convenient time for you. You will be met at the airport and comfortably driven to your destination. If you did not find the price for the destination you need, just leave a request, and within 24 hours we will inform you of the cost of transportation.

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Book a private transfer in Hungary

In Hungary, it is better to give preference to those taxi services, on whose cars the company name and phone number are written in large letters. Taxi in Hungary is not customary to catch, standing by the road, here it is customary to call and call a car. The difficulties associated with ordering a taxi in Hungarian are solved by our Internet service, now you can order a car online in your native language.

Unfortunately, in a foreign country you cannot be 100% sure of the reliability of local carriers. UniTaxi also successfully solves this problem - we guarantee the reliability and safety of your movement in Hungary. Taxi delivery is possible at any airport or city in Hungary where our partners work.

from 41 $
243 km (210 minutes)
from 237 $
230 km (135 minutes)
from 192 $
from 237 $
200 km (140 minutes)
from 215 $
from 44 $
185 km (120 minutes)
from 192 $
240 km (150 minutes)
from 207 $
462 km (280 minutes)
from 561 $

Book Taxi in Hungary

Hungary is one of the pearl countries of Eastern Europe, the capital of which is Budapest, famous for its magnificent architecture. It is located in central Europe and borders on Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania.

The history of the country began many centuries ago, when Hungary was ruled by the Sicilian dynasty. The kings were constantly changing, and each new ruler came with his own orders, so the Hungarian people suffered from the whims of the monarchs for 5 centuries. During the Second World War, Hungary, under the threat of complete annihilation, was forced to conclude an agreement with Hitler's Germany, for which she received part of Czechoslovakia and Transcarpathia. After the victory of the USSR over the troops of Hitler, Hungary concluded a peace treaty with the USSR and adopted communism. In one thousand nine hundred and ninety one, Russia and Hungary signed a friendly treaty.

The climate of Hungary is moderate, warm in summer (25-26 degrees), occasionally the temperature rises to 30 degrees. In winter, the average temperature is -5-7 degrees Celsius. In principle, the climate can be compared with the climate of Western Ukraine, which is not surprising - Ukraine and Hungary are neighbors. The climatic conditions of Hungary do not require serious acclimatization from Russian tourists, and they will be pleased to visit Hungary at any time of the year. Hungary is very rich in its historical monuments, most of which were built between the 14th and 17th centuries. Of course, the Second World War destroyed most of these wonderful works of art, but the Hungarian restorers managed to recreate the medieval monuments in all their beauty and grandeur.

Hungary is part of the European Union, so you need to apply for a Schengen visa to enter the country. The most popular Hungarian resort of Visegrad is appreciated by tourists for the unusual mystical atmosphere of this town, and for the clean rivers where you can swim from May to August. According to legend, it was in one of the towers of Visegrad that the tyrant Vlad the Impaler, who was nicknamed Dracula, was imprisoned. Holidays in Hungary attract with their prices, which makes Hungary one of the most visited holiday destinations. There are a lot of health resorts in Hungary, the prices for which are often much lower than the prices for holidays in Russian health resorts. In general, the inhabitants of the CIS countries in Hungary are very comfortable with the familiar mentality of the inhabitants, but at the same time, the complete order in the country and the observance of the laws by its inhabitants make Hungary a really interesting place to visit.

from 192 $
from 245 $
230 km (135 minutes)
from 192 $
197 km (170 minutes)
from 245 $
191 km (120 minutes)
from 231 $
231 km (165 minutes)
from 225 $
210 km (190 minutes)
from 245 $
from 200 $
200 km (160 minutes)
from 258 $
70 km (85 minutes)
from 97 $

Our taxi cars in Hungary

There are 11 classes of cars for you to choose in Hungary: from a sedan and a 19-seater bus to a premium class VIP taxi for business trips. Are you traveling with children? Book a comfortable minivan with child seats. Are you carrying a lot of luggage? You can order a spacious minivan. Traveling with a large group? Book a bus - and the price per person will be very cheap.

Taxi in Hungary Transfer by economy and comfort class sedan or by minivan is an analogue of ordering a taxi for a person, a couple or a family
Economy class
4 3
Comfort class
4 3
Minivan 4 pax
4 4
VIP taxi in Hungary VIP transfer in a sedan or executive class minivan - for business trips and wealthy tourists
Business Class
3 3
Premium class
3 3
6 4
Minibuses in Hungary Transfer for a group of 5-13 people - an alternative to traveling by minibus, bus or train
7 passengers
7 7
10 passengers
10 10
13 passengers
13 13
Group transfer in Hungary Transfer for people traveling in a large group from 13 to 19 people
16 passengers
16 16
19 passengers
19 19
13 passengers
13 13

Transfer reviews in Hungary

Everything is fine, driver D. is the best of his kind! Professionally drives a car, with him we felt safe.
Everything is great. The driver was on time. Very polite. The car is comfortable and clean. Everything is very cool. Thanks to your firm.
Excellent trip. The car was delivered in 15 minutes, we arrived comfortably and quickly. Service at the highest level. We paid partially in different currencies, since there was no longer one left (farints, euros). We had an electric car, which is also interesting and does not harm the environment. Thanks, I'll use it next time.
Driver was on time for the pick up at our hotel. He drove us to our destination efficiently. Would recommend to our friends. Thank you
It was nice, Driver was there on time, driving experience was good, he was helpful. Everything went great. Thank you
Thank you very much UniTransfers for the clear work. Serving to the minute, a good car, a polite, accurate driver - everything is great! I will use your services in the future!
Very well. The driver spoke Russian. I am very satisfied. Return transfer on June 11 with this driver!
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